Coming of Age


"A welcome surprise."
-- Louisville Courier-Journal.

"G. Wayne Miller's fearlessly titled Coming of Age is a fascinating non-fiction account... by stripping adolescence of its oft-exaggerated melodrama, Miller reveals the everyday beauty of its bittersweet, mundane simplicity."

"Not many books that focus on so-called normal teenagers have been published. Even fewer have been successful journalistically. Prior to reading A Tribe Apart, I placed just two in the masterpiece category -- Coming of Age: The True Adventures of Two American Teens, by G. Wayne Miller (1995), and South of Heaven: Welcome to High School at the End of the Twentieth Century, by Thomas French (1993)."
-- Philadelphia Inquirer.

"An upbeat story of adolescents who live in a tough world."
-- Christian Science Monitor.

"Perfectly nice."
--Washington Post.

"An intimate report... B+."
--Entertainment Weekly.


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