Since the Sky Blew Off

The Essential G. Wayne Miller Fiction, Vol. 1

Crossroad Press, April 2012

Explorations of alienation, madness, the afterlife and post-apocalyptic existence fill this first volume of the collected short stories of G. Wayne Miller.

Best-known for his critically acclaimed non-fiction books and documentary films, Miller has been praised for his fiction writing, dating to his first book, Thunder Rise: A Novel of Terror. For several years, he was a regular at fantasy and horror conventions, notably NECON, the fabled annual gathering that has featured Stephen King, Peter Straub and other writers. Fiction remains his passion.

In these ten provocative science-fiction and horror tales, Miller bring readers inside darkly imagined worlds with a distinctive voice and mastery of characters, setting and narration. The title story, set in a dystopian future when the atmosphere has been all but incinerated, presents a nightmarish landscape of survival that resonates in this time of global warming. The Since the Sky Blew Off collection, first volume in a planned series, also includes new previously unpublished treatments for horror and science-fiction movies.

And now, listen to podcasts of two of the stories in the collection, "We Who Are His Followers" and "All My Children" at Mark Slade's Dark Dreams and Blackout City sites. "Stalking G. Wayne Miller," Mark's interview of me, is also there. Enjoy!


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