"A chronicle of the frantic, ultracompetitive, and heroic early days of automobile manufacturing... In his buoyant and charming narrative, Miller sets the foundation for the American century by charting the intense competition, rivalries, successes, and failures of the early automotive industry... A must for car lovers and plenty of interesting material to keep other curious readers flipping pages."

-- Kirkus Reviews, September 3, 2015. Read the full review.

"It's hard to imagine Wayne Miller matching the excitement of Men and Speed. With Car Crazy, he has done just that. This is a story rich with corporate war, courtroom drama, world-record racing, and larger-than-life characters -- in particular Henry Ford, who was not just a mechanical and business genius but one of Americaís original speed demons."

-- Jack Roush, of Roush Fenway Racing.

"Car Crazy is a business story without compare about an industry that changed the American economy and culture forever. In Wayne Millerís hands, it is also a story that reads like a novel, with a compelling narrative, monumental triumphs, historic failures, and a colorful cast of entrepreneurs, heroes, villains and ordinary folk who accomplished the extraordinary."

-- Alan G. Hassenfeld, ex chairman, CEO and president of entertainment giant Hasbro.

"With the combination of his historianís eye and a unique, cinematic-style approach to storytelling, Wayne Miller has written an exciting page-turner. With a rag-tag cast of underdogs, death-defying spectacles and thrilling courtroom drama, Car Crazy is a must-read book that explores the against-all-odds survival of the American automotive industry in its infancy."

-- Danny Strong, Emmy-winning screenwriter of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Parts 1 and 2, and Lee Danielsí The Butler, among others.


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